From School to School – between Cologne and Malawi

“From School to School – between Cologne and Malawi” is a government-recognized charitable foundation, with the aim to improve secondary education in Malawi. Our charity was established in 2006 at a secondary school in Cologne, Germany. The non-governmental-organisation has around 20 members, who are teachers, students and their parents, as well as former members of the school community. Each year some of its members come to Malawi to visit the sponsored children and to oversee the progress of the projects. As the charity seeks to limit its travel expenses, the journeys are mostly financed by the members’ private donations.

We acquire our funds from different sources: Every second year, students participate in the “Sponsored Walk”, raising money for every kilometre they run. In addition, the charity is present at various school events asking for donations. Finally, private people occasionally donate money for education in Malawi.




Malawi is situated in south-eastern Africa and is one of the poorest countries in the world.

The inhabitants mainly live off of their agriculture and the children must often work. We believe, that supporting education in Malawi can do a great deal improving life conditions in the country


Secondary schools in Malawi


The conditions in the public secondary schools are disastrous: It lacks everything, sometimes even at school buildings. Schools must bear most of their issues, because the government only supports them very poorly. In addition, international donors seem mostly interested in the primary schools. Therefore most secondary schools are on their own. The better-equipped private schools are located mostly in the city and are prohibitively expensive for most country people.


What is important about or charity?


Our association supports only poorly equipped schools with poor students. Another important criterion is the will and commitment of the school community (parents, teachers, students and traditional authorities) to improve the situation. Therefore projects are exclusively carried out on the initiative of the school in Malawi and not invented in Cologne.


Our organisation also places great value on reliable communication and proper accounting.

Despite the fact that Malawi is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, donations were never abused. "From School to School" is taking every possible step to avoid any abuse. Therefore, we are especially careful in the selection of our partners in Malawi and in the verification of accounts.

We support three different schools and keep ourselves open to finance other projects at any time.



The Schools we support:


Since 2000, the Community Day Secondary School (CDSS) Nkhoma, close to the capital Lilongwe, is supported by various projects near in order to improve the living and learning conditions of students and teachers. For instance, “From School to School” financed the acquisition of books, beds and desks, renovation of classrooms and the construction of a school library and an toilet / ablution block. In addition, we mediate sponsorships between German godparents and Malawian schoolchildren. Sponsors can support a Malawian student paying their tuition fees, housing and food for only € 190.

Since 2013 we also support the CDSS Nchokera. At first, we sponsored the construction of a new classroom block. This was completed in January 2014 after only three months of construction.

In 2014, these classrooms were equipped with tables and benches. The school is located in a poor suburb of the second largest city of Blantyre and has had no classrooms up until January 2014.

Since 2014 we also support Manja CDSS, in Blantyre city, providing the school with books.


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We are happy to take your donation. Donating online is possible with our partner, also by credit card or PayPal, via this link.